Handmade by local craftsmen, with over 50 years' experience

Affordable bespoke fitted kitchens in Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Sevenoaks

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50 years' experience in carpentry, design and fitting beautiful kitchens

Solid wood, handcrafted

Your dream solid wood family kitchen at affordable prices, designed and fitted by experienced, skilled craftsmen.

We'll provide you with a great value, excellent quality, and perfectly fitted bespoke kitchen. That's the Bear & Birch promise.

Why choose a Bear & Birch kitchen?

We have pedigree in the industry. We're not just handymen who have decided to get into kitchen-fitting. We're professional carpenters. We've seen a lot of homes and kitchens in our time.

All the kitchens we offer are solidly built, hand crafted, with quality workmanship, and are built to last. What we love about our kitchen designs is that in ten years' time they will still be standing. Just one of the reasons that makes a Bear & Birch Kitchen an affordable choice.

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Sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo kitchens

We're big believers in being as environmentally friendly as possible. We've developed our craftmanship with a love of wood, and we're always researching other sustainable materials to use as well. We are the only suppliers of bamboo kitchens here in Kent and Sussex.

Bamboo makes a real statement in your home - not only is it sleek, tactile and beautiful to look at, it's also one of the most durable and eco-friendly materials currently available in the kitchen design.

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